Linuxkidd's WPKG Web Interface

WPKG Web v1.1.0-b (13 Feb 2007)
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Added HTTP Auth user checking for WPKG.js XML pulls. Please get the latest version of wpkg to take advantage of direct Web pulls!
Changed XML to export "execute='always'" as default for packages with no checks, and no "execute='once'" set.
Changed (X) Delete icon in packages_list.php to only appear when the package is marked obsolete, or is not in any profiles.
Fixed bug which resulted in MAC addresses which were all numeric being truncated.
WPKG Web v1.0.4 (19 Jan 2007)
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Renamed icons directory to grafx to prevent conflicts with default apache aliases.
Fixed delete functions that still referenced priority.
Added duplicate item checks when adding packages (idtxt), profiles (name), and hosts (regex).
WPKG Web v1.0.3 (16 Jan 2007)
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config-dist.php was missing the .php extension on fallback include at line #19.
WPKG Web v1.0.2 (11 Jan 2007)
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connect.php was missing the <?php at the top.
WPKG Web v1.0.1 (11 Jan 2007)
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Updated xml export/import functions for no priority in certain tables.
Update.php writes version value from VERSION file vice plugged in value.
Removed version # and Release date from INSTALL and UPGRADE.
WPKG Web v1.0.0 (10 Jan 2007)
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Updated to add language translation capability.
Updated to add icon pack capability.
Bug Fix: packages_xml_in wasn't creating check levels correctly.
(Auto Update corrects SQL tables)
Removed priority from areas where it has no consequence with respect to wpkg.
Moved all settings for PHP into config.php.
NOTE:This update changes almost EVERY file in the wpkg web package.
PLEASE READ the new UPGRADE file included with the package if you are already running wpkg_web versions prior to 1.0.0.
WPKG Web v0.7.8 (19 Dec 2006)
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Updated to be completely backwards compatible with MySQL 4.1+.
WPKG Web v0.7.7 (19 Dec 2006)
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Updated scripts to be backwards compatible with MySQL 4.1+.
Bug Fix: packages_xml_out was not escaping checks.
Added wpkg_web table to schema to store version information.
WPKG Web v0.7.6 (18 Dec 2006)
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Script update: All scripts now use as their DB connect source.
Added profiles_xml_in.
Added hosts_xml_in.
Updated packages_list.php so that you can jump to any package page directly.
WPKG Web v0.7.5 (13 Dec 2006)
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Fixed logic change bug in package checks.
Fixed variable name issue in packages_xml_out.php.
Updated INSTALL to reflect MySQL 5.0+ requirement.
WPKG Web v0.7.4 (13 Dec 2006)
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Fixed deletion bug in hosts and profiles.
Fixed addition bug in hosts.
WPKG Web v0.7.3 (13 Dec 2006)
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Updated support scripts: get_xml, download_em.
get_xml: Added xmllint check.
download_em: fixed downloading from, added error checking.
BOTH: Made the output prettier.
WPKG Web v0.7.2 (13 Dec 2006)
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DB Schema update. Stray comma found.
WPKG Web v0.7.1 (13 Dec 2006)
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Added ability to D/L individual XML files for packages/profiles/hosts.
Added XML icon.
Added tool tips on hover of certain areas.
WPKG Web v0.7.0 (12 Dec 2006)
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Initial release to the world.