Linuxkidd's WPKG Web Interface

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This version of the database is in place to be a
central Repository for WPKG scripts and goodies.

Edit the information in this database if you have
good data to contribute.

R E A D   B E F O R E   Y O U   USE
A couple of things to note:
  • Assumptions: Your running WPKG in conjunction with Unattended or at least have the bin directory from that pack.
  • Please use THESE Environment variables to make your entries more portable:
    • Z = Mapped Drive Letter used by Unattended (Z:)
    • SOFTWARE = Software Root (Z:\packages)
    • BIN = Path to the Unattended BIN directory (Z:\bin)
    • SCRIPTS = Path to Unattended Scripts directory (Z:\scripts)
    • UPDATES = Path to Unattended Updates directory (Z:\updates)
    • DRIVERS = Path to all System Drivers (Z:\drivers)
    • WINLANG = 3 Letter Language for the install (ENU)
  • References to autoit3.exe are launching an AutoIt v3 script using the autoit3.exe located in the BIN directory.
  • When posting a package that uses external files ( scripts, registry files, etc ), please include their code in the 'notes' section of the General tab.
  • If you use AutoIt scripts to step through a GUI installer that refuses to go silently... A USER MUST BE LOGGED IN! in order for this to function properly.

  • The way I launch WPKG
    All scripts mentioned in the following section can be downloaded from HERE.
  • The service that starts WPKG MUST run as System and MUST be able to interact with the desktop for AutoIt based installs to work.
  • I have my systems auto-login with an 'install' user. This user has NO privileges on the system or the network except that they can log in.
  • I launch wpkg with a modified version of the mapznrun.bat file from the Unattended project.
  • The mapznrun.bat file launches autoit3.exe against a wpkg-start.au3 file.
  • The wpkg-start.au3 file puts a message on screen above the task bar stating that package installs are in progress. It also waits for the task bar to load before it launches wpkg-start.bat. This ensures that there is a user logged in.
  • After wpkg.js finishes and the wpkg-start.bat file exists, wpkg-start.au3 displays a 'Logging Off' box above the task bar for a few seconds, then un-maps the Z drive and exits.
  • At this point, mapznrun.bat forces a system log off and a regular user is free to login.

  • Why?
  • I'm trying to have this be as flexible as possible.
  • By having a user logged in and using AutoIt to step through non-silent installs, I can make ANY software an automated installation.
  • This was the ONLY way I've found to have the GUI's be displayed and allow AutoIt to interact with them.

    If you have a more elegant solution, PLEASE join the wpkg_web_users mailing list, and post it.